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Compare the 'Create A Bed 'Mechinism to any other bed mechanism:

The Create-A-Bed® murphy bed mechanism:

Other murphy bed mechanisms:

Features a state-of-the-art piston lift mechanism with FEW MOVING PARTS. Patented system is preferred for use in Hyatts, Hiltons, studio apartments and homes nationwide

Rely on bulky, outdated spring mechanisms consisting of many complicated moving parts - other designs aren't meant for daily use and won't lift standard bedding

NO FLOOR MOUNTING - attaches to wall with three screws

Most MUST BE FLOOR MOUNTED - carpet must be cut away and floor is permanently damaged


Metal frame, springs and cabinetry are shipped separately. Mechanism must be bolted to the floor, then cabinetry must be assembled and shimmed into position around the mechanism

LOCKING MECHANISM prevents bed from being lowered incorrectly and locks bed inside the cabinet when not in use

No locking mechanism of any kind

Panel bed design eliminates bi-fold doors

Some mechanisms require bi-fold doors that block access to storage cabinetry

Installs in minutes

Requires 4 to 5 hours of complicated and expensive assembly and installation

Piston lift mechanism is COUNTER-BALANCED and designed for daily use. Piston functions so that "it doesn't know it's working" and is not subject to metal fatigue or catastrophic failure

Springs expand and contract and fatigue with age, causing bed to sag out of cabinet. Springs are expensive and difficult to replace. If spring breaks, catastrophic failure results

Mechanism is self-adjusting

Require constant adjustment

Unique locking leg design supports bed at standard bed height - Leg has been stress-tested to 6000 psi with a factor of 2

Fixed leg/handles place bed just 2 1/2"off the floor and metal frame protrudes on all three sides of bed at ankle level - others use a swing-down leg that can cause damage if not properly operated

Uses ANY standard innerspring mattress

Require expensive private-label bedding, foam mattress or substandard bedding

Easily moved without permanent floor damage or holes in carpet

Floor mounting and complicated mechanism means unit cannot be moved easily

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